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SANDNER is a Hamburg law firm for medium-sized businesses, characterized by commercial expertise, quality of the juridical service and efficiency in the perception of your legal interests. These basic elements you may always expect from our legal services. Well-founded legal counseling paired with in-depth commercial knowledge, which in equal measure fulfill your requirements as an entrepreneur, managing director or product manager.


The range of services of the law firm especially includes the legal advice and representation in the following areas:

• Commercial and company law,
• Copyright law,
• Press law,
• Intellectual Property law,
• Investment law,
• Labour law,
• License and contract law,
• Telecommunication and Internet law.

Raoul Sandner was awarded the title “Certified Specialist for Intellectual Property Law” by the Hanseatic bar association, Hamburg. As designated expert he is at your service when it comes to the registration and enforcement of your industrial property rights, such as the protection of your creations and designs, the registration and surveillance of your trademarks, the enforcement of your copyrights, actions against unfair competition or the defense against cease-and-desist letters.

He is pleased to help you in all areas of protection of your intellectual property (music / film / photography and much more), during your defense against the abuse of your rights and regarding the defense against unjustified warnings. He also advises you concerning the protection of your personal rights in the press law in questions of defense by omission, revocation, right of reply, damages and compensation for pain or adequate prevention of such claims.

We have detailed industry knowledge of:

• (Online) Commerce
• Automotive Trade
• Media
• Telecommunication and Internet
• Tourism.

Feel free to call us or send an email if you like to find out which solution we offer for your case. We are pleased to meet you!